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Safe auto mufflers and exhaust systems

When exhaust fumes enter your car, your family is in danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. If your muffler develops rust or is hanging low, come to Four Star Mufflers & Brakes for professional muffler and exhaust repair services. Get FREE estimates when you call 269-962-5581.

•  Exhaust valves and sensors

•  Catalytic converters

•  Flex pipes

•  Resonators

•  Tailpipes

•  Custom dual exhaust

Fix all car exhaust system parts

Don't get pulled over because your worn-out muffler is loud and rattling. Instead, visit our family owned and operated auto shop to get your muffler fixed at an affordable price.


Getting your muffler repaired will help you pass state and local tests. Keep a perfect inspection record with our help today!

Affordable muffler repairs

Come to 2995 6th Avenue for prompt auto services.

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We provide excellent customer service because we care about your needs.